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Traditionally pet furniture was produced merely to serve its function. 

This generally resulted in unattractive pet furnitureWe created Ultra Modern Pet five years ago to offer contemporary alternatives to traditional, mundane pet furniture. We introduced 

Form to Function.

Modern Cat, which focuses solely on cats and their humans, is our most recent venture. 

So our customers now have a much larger selection of modern cat products to choose from, including modern shelves, scratchers, litter boxes and smart toys.

We now have one of the largest selections of all modern cat furniture and products online, 

with hand crafted pieces imported from around the world.. 

England, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland and even S. Africa.

And any purchase made will not only make your cat happy but it will it will help cats in need as

30% of our net profit goes to animal charity!

So shop Modern Cat and let your cat live in style!