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Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase is a unique piece of cat furniture by Catswall which can be used as a column for running up and down to accommodate cats’ climbing behavior. This beautifully designed product is made with birch plywood, aluminum alloy and stainless steel components presenting not only natural and simple style but also a nice modern interior decoration. Its reinforced support boards are wrapped with jute rope which also work as scratching posts.

Spiral Staircase is a modular piece of cat furniture which can be assembled and disassembled with just a screwdriver. Unlike a general spiral staircase which must be fixed to both ceiling and floor; it has a stable base and can be screwed directly into a wall. The proper spacing between the steps allows both old cats as well as kittens to move up and down with ease. And reaching 82" in height, Spiral Staircase offers amazing aerial views from the top steps.

Materials: birch plywood, aluminum alloy, jute rope, stainless steel parts.

Dimensions: 82" (h) x 27.5" (w) x 27.5" (d)

Price: $850
$100 flat rate shipping within U.S.