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Zulu Hut

contemporary cat house

Inspired by the traditional Zulu hut dwellings of rural South Africa, African based design group Kitticraft created this modern alternative to the classic igloo, which provides your cat shelter with its very own culturally rich hut.

The enclosed design is a perfect hideout for the cat who likes his own space from time to time. Or if your cat more prefers a room with a view, the Zulu Hut lining cushion is separate from the main cushion and can be easily removed to allow for a more open sleeping environment.

Dimensions: 65 x 65 x 55 cm
Price: $270
30% of proceeds from this sale goes to charity!

$160 flat rate shipping within the U.S.


This is a handmade item imported from S. Africa, please allow approx. 2 weeks for delivery.