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With it's incredibly unique ribbon-like design and premium craftsmanship, the CurvyNest by Catswall has quickly become one of the most sought after pieces of modern feline furniture on the market.

These beautiful 3 & 5 story cat condos are the perfect fusion of function and aesthetics. They come in two sizes. The large offers cats four separate lounging compartments and the small offers two. They're curved and enclosed giving your cat not only comfort but a sense of security. And they each have an open flat bed on top. And what's more, CurvyNest's spring-like structure creates subtle bouncing effects that cats love, much like a soothing cradle..

Small    -   $400

(19.5"D x 19"W  22"H)
Large   -    $640

(26"D x 19"W x 39.5"H)



Flat rate to shipping to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada.
Small - $70 / Large - $90