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modern cat tree
Royal Cat Boutique's K2B contemporary cat tower will soon become your cat's favorite place to play, climb, lounge and nap. This modern cat furniture multiplex is the purr-fect addition to make any room a cat paradise, as well as modernize the look of the room.

Made of quality handmade construction, the multi-tiered luxury K2B offers three comfortable lounging beds and two scratching posts. This unique piece of cat furniture is constructed of heavy wood, 4" solid pressure treated posts lined with durable sisal carpet, fine Italian faux bond leather with super-soft faux fur interior. This ultra modern cat tower comes fully assembled.
Dimensions: 72" (h) x 26" (d) x 24" (w)
Price: $550
30% of proceeds from this sale goes to animal charity!

$115 flat rate shipping within the U.S.


modern cat tower