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Lifeguard Mini

Lifeguard mini is a smaller version of the original Lifeguard cat chair. This artistic cat chair comes from the creative design company Square Paws.

Lifeguard mini
offers 2 resting platforms covered in blue carpet and 2 small side scratching posts. It's constructed of solid plywood and comes fully assembled.

Lifeguard mini cat chair comes in red or blue. The 2 versions vary slightly in design and appearance. It also comes in a larger, narrower, 3-tiered version, the Lifeguard, which is better suited for multiple cats.
Dimensions: 22" (w) x 23" (d) x 42" (h)
Price: $350
- blue
- red
30% of proceeds from this sale goes to animal charity!

$125 flat rate shipping within U.S.


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