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The Danish styled Loft is a stylish piece of pet furniture designed and manufactured by Russian design company Pettel. It's perfect for the cat or small dog who loves a semi-enclosed, safe haven to hide out and relax in, as well as for the pet owner who loves the beautiful mid-century modern look. 

This unique cat bed/dog bed has a partially see
-thru lacquered acrylic door on the front and a see-thru acrylic back panel as well, which is gives your pet a view while still allowing him to have some privacy. It comes equipped with a soft faux fur floor mat.
Dimensions: 21" x 21" x 12"

Price:  $380

30% of proceeds from this sale goes to animal charity!
$90 flat rate shipping to U.S. & Canada
This is a handmade item imported from Russia, please allow approx 2 weeks for delivery.
mid century cat house