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the One

luxury cat tower
- This item is only available to Europe -

The One is a luxury high-rise cat tower. This highly unique and incredibly modern piece of cat furniture is the creation of the German designers of Kratzbaum. 

It has multi-purpose functions as a resting abode, observation tower, jumping platform and resistant scratcher. Inside there is an opening that goes through-out the entire height of the cat tower. In this way your pet has multiple options and levels for playing, crawling, and sleeping. The back side is covered in hemp, allowing the cats to also climb the outside of the tower.

The One also aesthetically enhances any modern decor. This is one important trait which is rarely found among cat trees.

Due to its weight and premium construction, the One is very stable, as well as durable and long-lasting. The MDF is varnished with scratch resistant varnish. The hemp is also found in two interior walls, one exterior wall and on the platforms.

The One comes in your choice of two frame colors each with two hemp fabric colors. It also comes in two sizes: the classic One measures 34 x 56 x 160 cm & weighs 45 kg, the One XL measures 40 x 64 x 176 cm & weighs 55 kg. 


the One

990,00 EUR

the One XL

1190,00 EUR
300 EUR flat shipping rate within Europe | VAT included
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