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Stiletto is a truly creative piece of cat furniture by Mario Arbore. This attention grabbing cat tree inspired by platform stilettos, will liven up any home decor as well as make an adventurous  play space for your pets. Cats love to play hide-and-seek, bopping in and out of the circular cut-outs in the sole, which also gives them a safe enclosed space to hide out. Then they can lounge in the open on the top of the sole, then race up the ladder to the top of the heel, where they have a high resting place with a view.

Stiletto was designed and built in two pieces for ease of cleaning the inside and top of the platform sole. It's equipped with a nylon-rope-wrapped heel serving as a scratching post.

But as much fun as your cat will have with Stiletto, due to its stylish design, it is sure to be just as loved by you and your guests.
Dimensions: 24" (w) x 58" (d) x 50" (h)
Price: $725
30% of proceeds from this sale goes to animal charity!

$225 flat shipping within U.S.